Our team is made up of exceptional and innovative portfolio managers (PMs) and together we’ve compiled a list to highlight 4 key benefits of working with a PM.  

1. Educated Decision Making

Portfolio managers have the highest level of education in the investment industry and are regulated by the provincial securities commission. All of these factors allow a portfolio manager to make the best decisions for their clients. A PM will look at your current assets and indicate where there may be a disconnect between your investments and financial goals or room for improvement. They then work to fill any gaps to put you on the right track to reach those goals.

Moreover, portfolio managers have a fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interest of their client without bias, which allows them to guide you into truly making the best and most informed decision based on your circumstances.

2. Diversification

Since they work with investments for a living, a portfolio manager has a wide range of assets to choose from when building your portfolio. This variety, along with their knowledge and expertise enables  them to create a balanced portfolio of investments that complement each other. This also allows portfolio changes to be made quickly when unexpected moves occur within the market – overall allowing for better protection of your assets.

3. Mitigating Risk Without Losing the Reward

There is always some risk involved in investing and working with a portfolio manager can help lower that level of risk. As explained above, diversification already allows your investments to operate at a lower risk than if you were not working with a PM. Your portfolio can strike a balance of high-risk/high-reward investments as well as safer investments that may have lower returns. Furthermore, the ability of your PM to consistently monitor your portfolio allows them to identify any inconsistencies that arise and maintain that balance between risk and reward as things move forward without you having to constantly stay on top of the markets.

4. Fee Transparency

Portfolio managers charge a transparent fee for their services that is often less than costs you might incur investing via other avenues. PMs do not receive these fees themselves which means, along with their fiduciary responsibility, they have no personal stake in pushing you towards assets that have a higher fee if it’s not in your best interest as an investor.

These four things are few of many benefits of working with a portfolio manager. If you’re ready to hand off your investments to a PM, or you’re just getting started in the investment world, our portfolio managers at The RaeLipskie Partnership are here to help. Take a look at our team here and contact us today.

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