The new year is a fantastic time to set some new goals, organizing yourself and your financial intentions for 2023. Whether this is your first year getting your finances in order, or you are very familiar with financial planning, be sure to start with realistic goals and strategies. 

This month’s blog focuses on New Beginnings: Financial Goal Setting in the new year with our team of trusted professional advisors sharing three financial goals for 2023. 

  1. Commit to Saving More

One of the top financial resolutions for individuals in the new year is saving more money, and for good reason! By saving your money and reining in your unnecessary spending, you’re left with more money for investments, bills, paying back debts owed and for future milestone expenses. Cutting back on spending in an effort to save may not seem simple, but by taking into consideration your current financial situation, and where you would like to be at the end of the year, unnecessary expenses are put into perspective, improving your commitment to saving. 

The RaeLipskie Partnership recommends implementing a new budget for the year, looking into the things you over spent on unnecessarily and putting that money into investments, savings or into debts owed for the new year. By setting a budget and sticking to it, your financial situation will be improved and you’ll have more money in the bank for peace of mind, important milestones, or emergencies. 

  1. Improve Your Financial Literacy

Improving your financial literacy is a key tool in bettering your finances. By brushing up on your understanding of financial markets, money management and investment portfolios, you will be in a better position to properly manage your money, making smart decisions and investing wisely. Whether you are just entering the world of financial literacy or consider yourself well up-to-date, our team of knowledgeable financial experts can help you learn more about your money. Our learning never stops at The RaeLipskie Partnership. By keeping up to date on industry trends, market shifts and financial literacy in the changing economic landscape, we are here to serve you!

  1. Grow Your Money

Investing is an important part of money management. By making smart investments through a diversified portfolio, you are making the wise decision to grow your money. 2023 is the perfect opportunity to take account of your financial situation, and devise an investment strategy you feel comfortable taking on. Big or small, making the appropriate investment is an important part of managing and growing your money. The RaeLipskie Partnership is prepared to help you develop an investment portfolio that is tailored to your unique financial needs and circumstances, making the most of your money this year. 

Growing your money can also mean building your business by moving away from a bank, brokerage, mutual fund, or insurance company, and moving into independent wealth management. Maybe you want to be wholly independent and out on your own. Or perhaps you’re interested in joining a small, established investment firm like The RaeLipskie Partnership. Our own Sheila Yendt can give you some tips on going independent in her recent article

As a team, The RaeLipskie Partnership is committed to helping you succeed. The new year provides the perfect opportunity to make changes in your financial planning to ensure you are setting yourself up for success this year, and in the years to come. Our team of professional, award-winning financial advisors is ready to support you in your financial endeavours this year, making sure you are on the right financial path for you in 2023.

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