As most aspects of life have seen a significant shift over the past two years, an overall change in the global landscape has presented new challenges and opportunities for those looking to manage their investments. Financial and wealth management services have also adapted to these shifts, transforming the way that organizations offer their services and the way that individuals manage their money.

While the financial services industry has been met with pandemic-related changes, the industry is welcoming new first-time investors who are looking to develop a money management strategy that suits their needs and adapts to the new landscape of wealth management, while continuing to serve and adapt to the needs of their long-time clients. 

This month, The RaeLipskie Partnership is sharing four emerging trends in wealth management to help you grasp the current climate of the financial industry and to better develop your investment objectives with these mainstays in mind. 

1. Tailored Financial Investment Strategies 

In today’s market, individuals are reevaluating their financial goals and looking to develop a tailored investment strategy that suits their unique situation. As the social and economic landscape has shifted, there has been a renewed emphasis on long-term investment habits, stemming from a greater emphasis on planning for the future and post-pandemic recovery. A well rounded, long-term investment strategy focuses on balanced investment plans rooted in the goals of the investor.

Whether you are investing for financial security, a down payment or retirement, keeping your goals in mind when developing your investment portfolio will allow you and your investment manager to develop a targeted investment plan and achieve your objectives within your ideal timeline. The RaeLipskie Partnership can work with you to develop a tailored investment plan that meets your needs to help you achieve your financial goals. 

2. Socially Responsible Investment

Today, social responsibility is top of mind for investors looking to develop a financial strategy that meaningfully considers sustainability and socially conscious financial investments. A socially responsible investment plan encourages the support or investment of corporate practices that promote environmental stewardship, consumer protection, human rights and diversity, equity and inclusion. Socially responsible, or ethical investing strategies seek to consider both financial return and social and environmental good or social change and improvement. 

The RaeLipskie Partnership keeps socially responsible investment strategies top of mind for our clients who wish to prioritize this in the development of their investment strategy. Using our professional expertise, we include a range of firms which are conducting business with social responsibility and their environmental footprint in mind. Contact us to speak to an investment manager about emphasizing social responsibility in the development of your portfolio. 

3. Generational Wealth Transfer in Estate Planning 

Estate planning is a daunting but important task. Investors looking to determine where to allocate their estate assets should consider both financial and personal goals when planning for the distribution of their estate. A central focus for individuals looking to develop a targeted estate plan, or arrange a generational wealth transfer are the financial security of their loved ones. It is important to develop a strategic financial plan for your estate early to ensure the seamless and successful transfer and protection of your wealth. 

If you are interested in the organization of a generational wealth transfer, or are looking to manage your financial estate, The RaeLipskie Partnership can help. 

4.  Moving beyond COVID-19 

While financial services and investments have been marked by COVID-19 and the global pandemic for the past two years, 2022 industry trends indicate that investors are looking beyond COVID-19 and returning to pre-pandemic investment objectives. Industry professionals are moving away from pandemic specific investment opportunities and looking for ones that align with a return to normal. 

For investors, that also means a return to a money management strategy that aligns with their transitioning lifestyle and spending habits as they move out of two years marked by social distancing and isolation. 2022 investment trends indicate a shift in portfolio strategies and financial plans to account for the end of the COVID-19 pandemic and an emphasis on rebuilding local and global economies. If you are interested in reevaluating your current investment strategy, contact The RaeLipskie Partnership today to develop a tailored investment plan that works for you and your evolving lifestyle. 

Key trends are emerging in investment and financial services, and in wealth management in 2022. Investment professionals are encountering new demand from investors looking to develop targeted investment strategies that are in keeping with global shifts in a post-pandemic world and their new financial goals and priorities including social responsibility and estate planning. The RaeLipskie partnership can help you in the strategic development of your investment portfolio and help you to plan for the future and achieve your financial objectives. 

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