When it comes to investing, the sheer amount of variables can make the prospect overwhelming, whether you have long-term investment goals or short-term objectives that you want to achieve. Either way, the complexities of the market require professional expertise to make the smartest investment choices and keep you on track.

Therefore, The Rae-Lipskie Partnership wants to make sure that you enjoy peace of mind and know that your investment portfolio is in good hands. We believe you should consider using a qualified portfolio manager to manage your investments, which take the stress out of making investment decisions. There are several advantages to hiring a portfolio manager.

Get It in Writing:
Portfolio managers will develop an Investment Policy Statement (IPS), which outlines your goals, along with an investment strategy for achieving them. This document acts as a roadmap to guide decision making and ensures your asset allocation is aligned with your goals.

Acting in Your Best Interest:
Portfolio managers provide investors with the best possible protection, according to the Portfolio Management Association of Canada. This fiduciary duty means that your portfolio manager is required to act in the best interests of your investment portfolio and the objectives you’ve identified. This means knowing the Client and the products to ensure suitability for the client. Working with a portfolio manager that’s independent of large banks also means that you can trust your portfolio is being handled without any conflicts of interest.

Transparent Fees:
Unlike the fees associated with mutual funds, portfolio management fees are fairly low and are provided on client’s investment statement. Fee structure is intended to be completely transparent and is designed to align the portfolio manager’s interests with the clients by avoiding any potential for conflict of interest. Portfolio management fees are our sole source of compensation for managing client portfolios. Fees are calculated on a tiered percentage of the market value of the assets in a client’s portfolio. This means you can rest easy knowing that we’re working in your best interest at all times. We receive no sales commissions or compensation relating to trade activity. There are no hidden fees and all costs are disclosed and agreed upon.

As an added layer of protection, all individual portfolio managers, as well as the organizations for which they work, must be registered and monitored by provincial securities commissions.
Choosing a portfolio manager is a decision that should provide you with security and peace of mind. A competent portfolio manager can demystify and streamline the investment process to ensure that you’re reaching your investment objectives. Let us take the stress out of investing for you this summer so that you can relax! Contact us today to talk about your investment portfolio.