When it comes to using funds wisely and responsibly, some non-profits and charitable organizations may be hesitant to use a wealth manager to invest funds. However, professional wealth management can provide non-profits with valuable advice, and can help differentiate good investments from bad ones.

Here are three reasons why your non-profit organization should be using a professional wealth manager to invest its assets.

  • Professional wealth managers are unbiased and and objective: From a board of directors to its frontline staff and volunteers, the typical non-profit has several people, from varied backgrounds, contributing advice and managing its finances. A professional wealth manager will impartially invest your non-profit’s assets based on his or her expert knowledge of the market and understanding of your organization’s goals.
  • Reliable investments can provide a safety net: Potential donors are pulled in many directions, with numerous charities and worthy causes requesting their support, which makes non-profit fundraising a greater challenge than ever. Utilizing the services of an experienced wealth manager will provide your non-profit organization with a steady source of investment that you can rely on.
  • Wealth managers will help your organization reach its goals: Professional wealth managers can create an investment strategy that’s as unique as your organization, tailored to your non-profit’s goals, objectives, and values. These investment strategies will help your organization to truly thrive.

Here at Rae Lipskie we have countless years of experience helping non-profits reach their financial goals and invest in their futures.
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